How to Use Spotify Web Player

Updated: March 9, 2023


Spotify, a major music streaming service, lets users listen to their favorite songs on desktop and mobile devices. As a result, you can use the Spotify desktop or mobile app to listen to songs on any of these devices.

However, Spotify’s web-based player may be unknown to some users. You can stream melodies from your versatile or work area internet browser. Therefore, in order to stream music using this, there is no need to install the Spotify app. additionally, you’ll have additional storage space on your device as a result!

As a result, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about using the Spotify web player.

 Spotify Web Player: What Is It?

Spotify Web

Listening to Spotify from any location without downloading the app is basically possible with the Spotify web player. It is a website that lets you use the Spotify app’s features in your browser once you are logged in.

You can subscribe to Spotify web, access all of your saved songs and playlists, play music and podcasts, and look at sections like Assistance, Privacy, and Conditions, among other things.

Additionally, the web browser is probably the program that you use the most on your computer, so this is helpful. Additionally, you can use this Spotify version as if it were a native application due to its development under the progressive web application (PWA) concept.

  How to Access Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web

Spotify-web-player Spotify’s web player does not re-invent the wheel. The feature has a familiar appearance, and the user interface strongly resembles the provider’s application. You can use it quickly and easily because the various icons and functions look and function almost exactly the same as the app.

The web player allows you to access your account and, as a result, the entire Spotify catalog. The browser-based version includes all of the official app’s most popular features. Goodness definitely, Spotify doesn’t maintain that you should miss a thing!

These characteristics include:

  • Look specifically in the categories “Recommended,” “New Releases,” or “Genres and Moods” when searching for artists, albums, songs, and playlists.
  • Visit the artist pages using your desktop or mobile device to access the Spotify web browser at
  • Access and edit the user-created library.

Use all playlists, songs, albums, or artists stored in the user account. The web-based music streamer is supported by the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari

All access to your Spotify account is granted upon logging in with your account information.

Also, updating your browser can be helpful if you have issues after logging in to spotify web player. Additionally, you may need to determine whether the browser has enabled playback of protected content.

How to Use the Spotify Web Player

Upon logging into your Spotify account on the web player, the minimalist interface with a self-explanatory side menu that contains everything you need to play your favorite music in a few clicks is the first thing you notice.

Keep in mind that the mobile web version is just as limited as the app’s native version, and if you don’t have a paid account, you’ll just get random playback.

Additionally, you will not be able to download music to listen to later, even if you have a paid account. Spotify, okay. No one deserves this treatment.

Finding Music on the Web Player

Spotify Web

To find a great playlist, search for your favorite artist, or browse genres, tap the “Search” tab in the top left corner. The “Browse All” section contains numerous styles, with your primary categories at the top. Explore a vast selection of featured playlists, brand-new releases, podcasts, and more by clicking on any of them!

Alternately, you can search the Spotify library using the search bar. As you type, you’ll see artists, songs, CDs, playlists, and more. To go to the page, tap on any of them.

Your “Home” page will be full of useful links you can customize as you continue to stream songs. CDs that are played a lot, mixes of Spotify playlists made just for you, suggested CDs, songs by your favorite singers, etc.

When you click on an artist’s name anywhere on the Spotify online web player, you will be taken to their page. The singer’s most well-known songs are at the top of the list. A user who isn’t familiar with the singer yet gains from this.

You can find all of the artist’s CDs, albums, singles, and debut albums on this page. You can learn more about the artist’s songs and albums by clicking on “Discography,” where you can find details like the year of release and the number of songs on the album.

Saving Music to Your Library

Spotify Web

Adding Music to Your Library Using the “Your Library” tab, you can view all of your favorite music in one place. You can also use the tab to organize your favorite songs into various categories. Artists, albums, playlists, and podcasts are all included in these categories.

By clicking the heart icon that is located above the item, you can add more albums or playlists to your library. On the other hand, to save a specific song, hover over it and click the heart that appears next to the length of the track.

You can also follow an artist to keep up with them. As soon as new tracks or releases are available, Spotify will either notify you of their arrival or display them on your home page. Additionally, the streaming platform suggests additional songs by artists you follow.

Downloading the Spotify Web Player

You can install the web app on your computer or mobile device because the Spotify web player was developed under the progressive web application scheme. Thus, you can utilize the web player straightforwardly on your program or introduce the web application.

When you access a website developed under this scheme on the phone, you will receive a notification to add it as an application; however, this does not occur on the computer, so you must manually add it.

Let me quickly demonstrate this on your desktop browser. This case will be based on Google Chrome, but you can also use Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, or any other Chromium-based web browser.

When you are on the Spotify player page on the web, go to the address bar of your browser. Once there, you must select install by clicking the monitor-shaped icon.

The address bar of the web browser will immediately vanish, making way for a simpler, more app-like user interface. You will be able to access Spotify without having to reopen the web browser by creating icons on your desktop and in the start menu as a result of this procedure.

Do the following if the installation option does not appear:

  • Open the options menu in Google Chrome.
  • Place your cursor over More Tools.
  • Choose “Create Shortcut.”
  • Click the blue Create button after checking the box that says “Open as Window.”

The web player can now be accessed directly from your desktop or task bar without having to open your browser. Can anything be simpler?



Web-based Spotify Player: Music for Everyone

Spotify joins a trend that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital realm with its web player. Browser-based applications that do not necessitate app installation are gaining popularity among mobile device users.

The number of applications with no pre-installed software is on the rise in gaming and streaming. You will be able to work with a limited repertoire on your mobile devices while also saving time and storage space for a download.

Browser-based players also give players more freedom to compare and switch providers. Providers have been spending more time and resources developing services that are not related to apps as a result of modern users’ preference for browser-based applications.

Spotify should make the development of the web player a logical next step if it wants to give users the most flexibility and comfort possible in the long run.

Compared to the desktop or mobile app, the Spotify web player has advantages and disadvantages for the user, just like any new feature of an established application.


  • No matter what device they use, users can take their music with them. The pre-installed app is not obligated in any way. Any device can access Spotify’s entire catalog and custom libraries by simply logging in to the Spotify web player.
  • Spotify’s browser-based version maximizes flexibility while conserving storage space on the end device.
  • Even though the Spotify app’s free version includes banners, videos, and audio files of advertising, users of the web player can also use their browser’s ad blocker to block the ads with a free account.


  • Compared to the app version, the web player streams audio files at a lower bit rate.
  • When streaming through the web player, free subscribers can only stream at 128 kbps, but the app lets them stream at 160 kbps. However, the web player offers 256 kbps and the app offers up to 320 kbps to premium subscribers.
  • Controls and shortcuts for media playback via headphones or the end device are not supported by the web player. The web player must be used directly for navigation.
  • The web player cannot be used offline. This means that when there is no internet connection, even premium account members cannot use downloaded albums or tracks. This feature is currently only available in the Spotify app.

Suggested Solutions for “Spotify Web Player Not Working”

Spotify Web


Spotify’s website may not always function properly, making it difficult to access. But Spotify, that’s fine!

The reasons why Spotify web player might not work may vary depending on your browser and operating system. Some of the most common issues, along with solutions, are listed below.

Poor or No Web Association

At the point when the web Spotify player isn’t working, the principal thing to check is the web association. You can’t listen to music on the web version of Spotify; you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network in order to do so. Therefore, check to see that your gadget is connected. Also, make sure you haven’t set airplane mode by accident.

Alternately, you could try opening Spotify web player in a private or incognito window to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that access to some services may be restricted on some shared or public networks (work, office, school).

Contact the network managers for more information if you are unable to access the Spotify web player for this reason.

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Incompatibility of the browser

Your Spotify web player may also not function properly due to browser incompatibility. The device must have Android 6.0 or later and connect from: in order to use the Spotify online web player on Android.

The Spotify web player is compatible with the following browsers on iOS: Chrome 69 or newer Samsung Internet 9.2 or later Firefox 95 or newer

If you want to use Spotify web player on your desktop but don’t want to install the app, you should know that the following versions of supported search engines are: Chrome 69 or later Safari 11 or later

  • If the Spotify web player doesn’t work, make sure your browser is up to date. Chrome 66 or higher
  • Firefox 60 or higher
  • Edge 18 or higher
  • Opera 49 or higher
  • Safari 12.1 or higher


Spotify Web

Playback of Protected Content Not Enabled If the Spotify web player displays the error message “Playback of protected content is not enabled,” you must enable it. The steps below can be used on a variety of browsers to accomplish this:

  • To enable protected content IDs in Chrome, enter “chrome://settings/content” in the URL bar at the bottom of the page, tap “Additional content settings,” and then select “Protected content IDs.” Any site that uses your browser can now play protected content thanks to this.
  • On Firefox, either enter “About:” or click Enable DRM in the yellow warning bar at the top of the screen. Preferences content” in the URL bar, then enable Play DRM and click DRM content.
  • A Media Feature Pack might be necessary for the Spotify web player to function on Windows 10. Select your language, click Download, select your platform, and click next in the Microsoft download area.

In addition, the “Something went wrong” screen and an invitation to download or update the app may appear when you attempt to access Spotify web on your iPhone using Safari. Although the issue may only last for a short period of time, you can still try to circumvent it by accessing the Spotify player online using Chrome or another browser.

Finally, if you don’t like Spotify or any other music streaming service, Free Your Music makes it simple to move your playlist to another streaming service. Take a look at the streaming services that the platform supports!

Other Benefits of the Spotify Web Player

If you are still not convinced that streaming music with the Spotify Web Player enhances your music listening experience.

  • On a Chrome book, Spotify: The Spotify Web Player gives Chrome book users access to all of the features that a full-featured Spotify client would have.
  • Add-ons for browsers: You can find additional extensions that enhance the web player’s base functionality by searching your browser extensions for Spotify.
  • Portable: Spotify Web Player works on any device. You can get to your Spotify account from an internet browser at a companion’s home, at the library, or from any of your cell phones.
  • Widgets for the Web: Spotify playlists are now directly integrated into websites. Instead of opening another application, you can access these playlists by using the web player.
  • Reduce PC usage: The Spotify desktop client starts up and uses system resources. Use the web player instead of the desktop client to reduce clutter and CPU usage.
  • Music listening ought to be a simple activity. There is really no need to use the desktop client of Spotify because of the features that the Spotify Web Player provides.


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