How to Quit Your Job and Travel With No Money?

Updated: March 3, 2023


I lately shared that quit your job and travel with no money I made a big flow ultimate week and end my activity to move to South East Asia to volunteer for a while.

Regularly once I read memories approximately people who did this form of component online, I’d constantly leave with a massive harassed look on my face thinking how you leaved a profits to do one of the highest priced things you could do.

They are saying which you ought to have an emergency fund of three-6 months of living costs stored up in case you get quit your job and travel with no money a surprise layoff or if you marvel yourself and give up your job like I did, who, but I did not have that lots saved up.

With just a little training and a number of diligence, you too can cease your activity to tour and not using a quit your job and travel with no money.

Step 1: Discover your largest prices                          

To cast off your profits manner you also must cast off the bills which you need a profits to pay quit your job and travel with no money. Write down what you spend the maximum cash on each month or with each paycheck. As an instance, my expenses, in order of maximum luxurious to least, looked something like this:

  • Lease
  • Pupil Loans
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Fun money
  • Transportation

Step 2: Figure out what expenses you could dispose of


Examine your list and discover what charges you can absolutely move off of it quit your job and travel with no money. For me, the first factor I knew I had to do become to sublet my condominium, so that my single maximum high priced and my third maximum steeply-priced costs are supplemented and that I don’t must fear approximately them anymore quit your job and travel with no money.

I were given fortunate and didn’t have an excessive amount of trouble doing this on account that I live in NY wherein humans are always eager to rent for an internship or quick-term while shifting to however no longer wanting to commit. Different options to eliminate this rate are:

  • Speak for your landlord to see if he’d possibly assist you to damage your hire early without penalty quit your job and travel with no money.
  • Air bun or hire your area out and make pretty a bit of cash. If you could discover a pal to help you control it and your landlord lets in it, you could even make sufficient to have a small earnings while you’re away.

Step 3: Discern out what fees you can reduce down       

After taking into consideration what I will cast off, my fees now seem like this:

  • Student Loans
  • Meals
  • Fun money
  • Transpiration

To me, none of those are options to take away to quit your job and travel with no money however I will reduce them all down. Here’s how you may cut down the price of every of them.

Student Loans

travel with no money

Relying on what sort of mortgage price you’re on, it is able to be worth calling your lender and locating out what your month-to-month fee will be decreased to when you have no earnings.

The point is that there are approaches to decrease your month-to-month bills that you can check out if you experience like as a quit your job and travel with no money way to actually assist your scenario, simply ensure to weigh the professionals and cons of doing something like that.


This one is much simpler than scholar loans. In case you want to reduce down money on food, then say goodbye to restaurants and $6 lattes. You’ll need to get used to consuming on the cheap whilst you’re visiting, anyway, so that is exquisite exercise. In case you are already fairly frugal with meals cash, strive:

  • Packing your lunch.
  • Buying in bulk- purchase a whole carton of yogurt for the week instead of person ones every day.
  • Apps that come up with cash returned for groceries inclusive of Biota or other similar apps.
  • Shopping for inexpensive ingredients.
  • Freezing extra fruit or fish to lead them to closing longer quit your job and travel with no money.

Fun money

Tailor this is maximum important to you and you can manage to pay for. If I had truly no money to spend at all, this would be the perfect class to reduce out. Stop going out and forestall purchasing.

  • Use Abates, it’s a great application that will help you get coins lower back on everything.
  • Go through your closet and seeing if you can still go back some thing. Stores like Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor have extraordinarily bendy return rules and you can return matters months after you bought them (as long as they nevertheless are wearable, of route!).
  • If you may’s return gadgets, take into account selling them on EBay or at your neighborhood thrift save.


Travel With No Money

Bypass the cabs and opt for the general public transportation. If you already take the public transportation, pass that and motorbike or stroll.

Something manner you may reduce this cost now’s the time quit your job and travel with no money.

Step 4- in which you’re going and the way you’re getting there

That is the amusing element! You get to determine wherein you’re about to move journey. The most obvious subsequent step is to choose someplace less expensive, but with a chunk of extra studies, you don’t should restrict yourself to only nations.

First, I’d use the calculator on this site to get a number of the daily spending averages in locations you are inquisitive about.

On the way to give you an idea of the fee of living and realistically how lots you’ll spend there as a traveler quit your job and travel with no money.

Then, you’ll need to undergo the steps you did above for you prices, and analyze what charges you could both do away with or cut down on and how.


Travel With No Money

Hostels are so commonplace in Europe, Asia, and South America, and you may frequently locate paintings in them to live or eat free of charge as a minimum. Some regularly include additional stipends.

This cuts out one of the most luxurious fees you’ll discover inside the calculator above. Web sites like Help Stay and Hostel tour Jobs are notable sources for locating this kind of paintings trade.

Every other manner to make use of hostels is to look for hostels with communal kitchens available, so that you should purchase groceries and make breakfasts and snacks for yourself, in place of eating out for every single meal.

I’m able to continue writing quit your job and travel with no money about my adventure in operating at hostels on this blog as I experience it myself.


Going overseas to volunteer is an outstanding way to spend it slow touring and not eliminated when you have no financial savings. There are countless options, but many of them fee money.

But, both paid and unpaid volunteer possibilities can assist get rid of your expenses, so they may be first-rate options do abroad quit your job and travel with no money.

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There are lots of pros to paying for a volunteer program. Going to a country may be intimidating, specifically in case you’re: alone, new to visiting, new to the united states of America, or you feel hazardous.

Programs can come up with community, identity, and shape, and, virtually, paid isn’t constantly extra pricey. In case you do determine to pay for a volunteer software, hold a pair things in thoughts:

  • Please, please studies this system intensive. “Volunteerism” has many potential ethical conflicts that come with Westerners journeying poverty afflicted kids for a couple of days and then leaving. Do your homework.
  • Ensure you realize where the money goes. If it’s going to a coordinating organization, discover what their costs are. If it’s going without delay to an orphanage or neighborhood commercial enterprise, make sure it’s going to the fees of the orphanage, no longer to the pocket of these jogging it.

Free volunteering

If paid applications are really out of the question, you may try to volunteer totally free, it’s going to just take extra time and effort on your end, and doubtlessly a variety of e-mails without replies.

A few helpful sources for this are free Volunteering and WWOF quit your job and travel with no money.

In case you’re someone who’s quitting their activity to travel the arena, you’re likely a pretty creative, outdoor-the-container philosopher. That is some time to polish! Discover methods to make money at the internet or through promoting T-shirts as you travel.

The options are endless quit your job and travel with no money.

Step 5- tour and not using a savings

Travel With No Money

Now is it slow to shine! Determine out what you could forestall purchasing, discern out what you can pay much less for quit your job and travel with no money, and discern out how you could make your adventure of an entire life reduce down to your costs, too.

I’m going to have further posts on greater innovative ideas on a way to make money abroad and how going abroad is a continuation of your profession, not a pause, so stay tuned there’s no motive you shouldn’t be capable of journey because you haven’t any quit your job and travel with no money.

Robert Daines

Robert Daines

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