How to Find Out Who Shared Your Instagram Post

Updated: March 9, 2023


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, following Facebook. Nearly every generation in the world enjoyed it. Its ability to connect with people, post, update, and share while keeping user security in mind has made it popular. Instagram has welcomed several new updates, one of which is how to see who shared your Instagram post. You’ve come to the right place if you want to add this new feature to your app. Prepare yourself and keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about this new option.

How to Find Out Who Shared Your Instagram Post

Instagram Post

To find out who shared your post, you must have a business account on Instagram. The steps for determining who shared your Instagram post can be found at the end of the article.

Note: Smartphones differ from manufacturer to manufacturer because they don’t all have the same Settings options. Therefore, before changing any settings on your device, verify that they are correct. For illustration purposes, the following steps were carried out on One plus Nord.

Find Out Who Put Your Instagram Reels and Posts on Their Stories


Do you want to see who puts your Instagram reels and posts on their stories? You won’t be alone! There may be a way to see who reshared your post or reel publicly within 24 hours of publishing it if you have an Instagram business or creator account. Even though professional accounts and personal accounts do not have access to the View Story Shares feature, many users can check their Insights to see who shared their posts and reels to stories. You can see how many people have shared your content, even if you can’t see who has shared it. We’ll tell you the best way to see Instagram sharing experiences on your Android, iPhone, and iPad. Unfortunately, unless you upgrade to a professional account, you won’t be able to view these insights if you have a personal account.

Things You Need to Know:

  • If you want to see who shared your post and how many times, you’ll need an Instagram business or creator account.
  • Although the View Story Shares feature is not publicly acknowledged by Instagram, many users continue to see the option in their Insights.
  • You won’t be able to see who shared your posts and reels to their private stories if you have View Story Shares enabled.

Method 1: Photo Posts Step 1:

Instagram Post

Access your Instagram creator or business profile. Instagram Insights, which is only available to business and creator accounts, includes the ability to see how many people have shared your posts. To locate your profile, simply tap your profile picture at the bottom-right of the app.

  • Instagram insights will not be accessible to you if you have a personal Instagram account. You can upgrade to a professional account, such as a creator or business account if you want to look at things like the number of times people visit your profile and the number of times people share it.
  • You won’t be able to see who shared your current and previous posts if you switch to a professional account, but you will be able to see this information for future posts. If you don’t like the features, you can always switch back to a personal account.

Press a post.

A link labeled “View Insights” will appear beneath each photo post when you are logged in with your creator or business account.

  • You’ll need to use a different method to see who shared the most videos now that all videos shorter than 90 seconds are shared as reels.

Click View Insights below the post.

You will find several useful statistics for this post here, such as impressions, the number of accounts the post has reached, and the percentage of those accounts that have not yet followed your account.

Select View Story Reshares (if present).

You will be able to see their usernames here if they have shared this post to their public stories within the last 24 hours.

  • Because Instagram doesn’t make this feature public, they don’t explain how it works. Some users say that the option to see who shared their posts comes back each time someone reshares them, while others say it goes away after 24 hours.
  • Others point out that this option no longer appears for some kinds of posts, such as those with multiple photos.

Look under the paper airplane icon to find the share count.

This icon can be found in the row near the top of the window labeled “Post insights.” This number includes every time someone shared your post on their story or in a private message with a friend.


  • Additional post statistics, such as the number of saves (the bookmark icon), comments (the chat bubble), and likes (the heart), can be found here.
  • You will not see a number below the icon if no one has shared this post to their story. Instead, you will see two dashes.

Method 2: Video Reels Step 1:

Open your Instagram creator or business profile.

Instagram Post

You won’t be able to see who shared your reel to their public stories unless you have a business or creator account, just like with photo posts.

  • You can use this method for all of your shorter video posts now that all videos shorter than 90 seconds are automatically shared as reels.

 Tap the Reels tab.

At the top of your photo grid is the director’s clapboard icon. All of the videos that Instagram automatically converted to reels and all of the reels that you’ve deliberately shared here.

Tap a reel you want to check on.

The reel will start playing.

Press the three vertical dots.

This icon can be found in the reel’s bottom-right corner.

Tap View Story to see if there are any reshares.

If someone has publicly linked your reel to their story within the last 24 hours, this option will only be available.


  • Similar to post insights, this feature is not discussed publicly on Instagram, so there is not much information available online. Several users assert that they see this option on the three-dot menu after at least one person has shared their reel, while others assert that they do not see it at all.
  • This feature could disappear and reappear at any time due to Instagram’s ongoing testing and changes.

 Tap View Insights for more information about the reel.

  • You will be able to see how many times your reel was shared on the View Insights screen, even though you will not be able to see who shared your reel with their story. You can also use this area to monitor other metrics, such as the number of accounts your reel has reached and the number of times someone has played the video.

 Look for the number of times this reel was shared next to “Shares.”

The “Shares” section can be found near the bottom of the View Insights page, in the “Content Interactions.”

  • The number of times your reel has been shared on Instagram, whether in a story or a direct message, is included in the Shares count.

Here’s how to see who shared your posts to their Instagram story.

Instagram post

You open Instagram to discover that you have a bazillion new followers, but you have no idea why. Did you just suddenly become famous? Are you getting attention somewhere? Or, perhaps more likely, was one of your Instagram stories shared by a person with a large following, bringing you new online friends?


There is a hack that enables you to see who reshared your posts, allowing you to keep tabs on who is providing you with free publicity. If you are curious about your surprise fame or just how to fire your followers think your Instagram posts are, this hack is for you. Or just how pleased your mother is with the most recent picture of her grand dog that you posted.)

There is a lot to learn from your post insights, whether you want to learn more about your Instagram engagement or just want to know who finds your posts interesting.

Even though anyone can upload content by taking a screenshot of a post or story and uploading it from their camera roll to their stories, the original poster will not be credited, notified, or linked. The in-app post-sharing feature, which also allows viewers to tap the original post and go directly to the poster’s page, is the only way to determine if a user reshared your post to their Instagram story. When compared to sharing content without credit, it is more approachable and forthright.

How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Post to Their Stories

If you have a business or creator account, you can only see who shared your Instagram posts to their stories. You can access content insights from these accounts, which can reveal a lot about who is engaging with your Instagram stories, reels, and posts. Converting your account to a creator version is free and straightforward; however, creator accounts cannot be private. To see who shared your posts to their Instagram stories, follow the steps below once your account is set to creator or business mode.

  • Click on the post when you are on your profile.
  • On your Instagram post, select “View Insights.” There will be a number directly beneath the paper airplane icon if your post was reshared. This will show you the precise number of times your post has been retweeted.
  • Click the three dots in the post’s upper right corner to return to the image. The option to “View Story Reshares” will be available. Just click on it. Note: Only if your post has been reshared at least once will this option appear.)
  • You will be taken to a page called “Current Public Reshares,” where you can see how many people have reshared your Instagram post to their stories. Clicking on a reshared story in the grid will direct you to the user’s story, so you can see who shared the post.
  • You can see the username there and click on the account from there.

Why Does It Matter If Your Instagram Post Is Reshared?

If you value engagement, such as if you want to expand your influence, knowing who shared your Instagram post can be extremely useful information. You can learn more about your post’s target audience by looking at who reshares it. Is needlepoint becoming popular with Generation Z? Are your social justice infographics being shared by well-known Millennial colleagues?

If you just got a lot of new followers or likes on a post but don’t know why resharing insights can also be helpful. You can look at each of your posts to see which ones might have been reshared, and you can also look at the users listed to see if any of them have a lot of followers, which could explain why there are so many notifications.

Sharing a post to your story requires a bit more commitment than sharing a post to your account, but your followers and friends might like a post enough to double-tap it. It’s helpful to know who is spreading the love because users rarely share posts to their stories unless they connect with them.

The Real Reason Instagram Stories Appear In That Order

You’ve probably wondered before what the order in which people view your Instagram Story means, but have you ever thought about why Stories appear in that order on your feed? Are your secret admirers responsible for the Stories that appear first? Is Instagram aware of your crushes? Or are all of the Stories simply listed in that order? There are a lot of theories about what the order of IG Stories means, and you might be surprised to learn that some of them are more accurate than you think.

It can appear as though the order in which Instagram Stories are displayed is completely arbitrary at times, and at other times, the app can read your thoughts. However, would anything say anything is ever really “irregular” assuming there’s a calculation included? The most likely response is no. Instagram prioritizes its Stories based on patterns of your behavior, just like the elusive algorithm determines which Story viewers should be first and last. It’s nice to pretend that your crush was interacting with your Story just as much as you were interacting with theirs, which probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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What is the significance of Instagram Stories’ order?

Instagram uses a machine learning algorithm to determine which accounts “may appeal to you more than others” by tracking the accounts you like, comment on, and respond to the most, according to the tech guide website Alpha. Even though the algorithms used for feed posts and Stories are distinct, this holds for Stories as well. The Story algorithm, on the other hand, looks for “signals,” as the website refers to them, or behavior patterns, to determine which accounts are your favorites. To put it another way, it watches who you talk to the most, not the other way around.

According to Alphr, some of these signals may include actively liking, commenting, and responding to specific individuals’ posts as well as frequently searching for the same accounts. According to the website, tapping the same person’s Story each time you open the app will also change the order. Even if you skip over a Story from someone with whom you frequently interact, it will remain the first Story on your feed until you watch it, so don’t bother trying to convince the algorithm that you’re over your crush.

App’s Stories 

This arrangement of the app’s Stories makes sense. After all, which would you rather view, a Story posted by a close friend. or a Story posted by someone with whom you went to high school but haven’t spoken to in a long time?

Having said that, Story order is not solely determined by how much you interact with an account. Alpha claims that Instagram also prefers to display Stories in chronological order. However, in the end, older posts from your favorite accounts take precedence over newer Stories from users with whom you do not frequently interact. As a result, chronological posts do not appear to have as much of an impact on the order as interaction signals.

The bottom line is this: Another result of the all-powerful algorithm. Is the order in which IG Stories appear on your timeline. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it could explain why the app always knows who you like before you do. Also, if you’re special someone is the first person to see your Story just seconds after you post it. It could mean that their algorithm has prioritized your Stories higher in their feed. Because they have looked at your profile enough.

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