How many stars for a Starlight headliner are required?

Updated: December 18, 2022



The coaxial cables in the starlight headliner kit are embedded into the roof sheet of your automotive and are illuminated by a light source that is tucked away inside the vehicle. Large headliners on large vehicles, like full-size sedans, demand more fiber optics or stars to cover the entire cabin, and conversely. Managed Service Providers And How To Utilize?

Starting out

Starlight headliner is inspired by LED light bulbs in a dark area at night, which will be used to create the projected light. Toyota has already announced that its cars will go through an adaptation to this tech, but that’s not the only exciting thing. The lighting tech could pave the way for more autonomous vehicles, self-driving systems, and mobile gadgets as well.


Number of stars required:

 The number of stars (fiber optic lights) required in any SUV for an average two door coupe require 600-1500 stars, or any other larger SUV or some other musical instrument or device may require 600-2900 stars.


Starlight headliner is present in almost every SUV on the market. This sporty SUV/Coupe blends the sportiness and luxury from the Mercedes-Benz starlight headlight design with a more sporty design, and uses specific LED light packages that provide a clearly defined daytime view of the road, a 360° light guide which fills the entire vehicle with light in the front and back, and a headlight battery pack that generates up to 35% more light compared to a conventional halogen light. This headlight is a true starlight on the road, and allows the vehicle to make perfect headlight headway when travelling over dark road surfaces or in darkness.



A smaller starlight headliner would only cover a few square feet.


First up, we will be working with a 1.5 inch starlight headliner on the dashboard of a Chevy Camaro ZL1. The starlight headliner kit also comes with a complete starlight speaker system. The speaker system is a 1.75 inch profile directional speaker for high-performance audio and high-quality audio. The full kit includes the complete front headliner, a 1.75 inch starlight speaker, and some hard foam headliner mats.


Starlight Kit for the Front Headliner


To start off, attach the starlight headliner kit to your vehicle’s front headliner through the door guides. The kit comes with a single piece of aluminum to connect the starlight headliner to the headliner kit and mounting holes. The hard foam headliner mats come from the same factory, so that means these foam mats will be hard as a rock. They also come with starlight headliner cloth ties to secure the headliner mats to the headliner. For optimum sound, attach two foam mats to the bottom of the left door and put them in position first. Then flip the headliner’s hard foam mat over the hard foam and go through the door guides and get it in place. Do the same for the right door. Repeat the same steps with the other hard foam to secure the foam headliner mats in place. Since the carpet wraps around to the right side of the door, you can position the foam headliner mat on the front wheel well on the right side of the door. If your vehicle has tinted glass windows, then the headliner’s hard foam will be covered as well.


Starlight Headliner Kit:

Starlight Headliners are interesting Roller-Royce materials for your automobiles’ headliners. The kits that are commonly accessible are intended to transform your car’s roof into a star-filled sky at night.


Purpose of Starlight Headliner Kit:

 Frustrated of your vehicles’ plain roofs? Or are you seeking for a solution to give your vehicle a distinctive and distinctive look? The most economical solution for you is the Starlight headliner kit. You can be encouraged to purchase a Starlight headliner kit for your vehicle’s roof for the following reasons:

  • Appreciating a serene atmosphere in your vehicle
  • Separating your vehicles from others
  • Boosting your car’s profit potential
  • Strengthening protection when nighttime driving

Additionally, starlight headliner kits operate fabulously as a do-it-yourself job, allowing you to easily have a distinctive appearance for your vehicle’s roof, particularly if you prefer working on cars or entertainment systems.


Source of light in headliner:

 Starlight headliners also refer to the source of illumination as the light generator. It is composed of dazzling LEDs that transmit light across your headliner via the broadband cable.


A glittering propeller is also found in a few light machines. A copper disc with various holes operates as the motor, breaking up light splotches and producing sparkling effects across the optical fiber end.


The vehicle’s roof will be brighter and contain more lights the heavier the energy production. As a consequence, you must choose a kit whose power output is sufficient to adequately light up your entire headliner۔

What You Need To Know Before Choosing Custom Packaging?

Other things to consider about are:


  • Kit’s Wireless connectivity with handsets
  • If your kit’s flashlight is LEDs or transmission lines
  • Whether you require a kit that simulates lights, bright stars, meteorites, or any other heavenly item.

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