20 Things You Didn’t Know About PadMapper

Updated: January 14, 2023


20 Things You Didn’t Know About PadMapper

Take advantage of a search engine that is devoted to locating your ideal rental in real time if you are looking for an apartment to rent. The engine known as PadMapper was designed with apartment liters and searchers in mind. It is simple to use, and it has aided thousands in quickly locating potential rental apartments. Here are twenty things you didn’t know about PadMapper that might be of interest to you if you haven’t heard of the search engine yet.

Here’s how PadMapper makes apartment searching simple:

The user interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly. An introduction explains that their engine makes “Apartment Hunting Suck Less” at the outset. Although it is a novel assertion, it is also true. At the top, there is a large blue search bar that just asks you to type in the name of the city or state where you want to live. When you enter the information, it displays listings for apartments in the specified location. If any of the larger ones pique your interest, there is also a list of popular cities below from which you can select.[World Wide Technology Raceway]

PadMapper searches apartments in the United States and Canada

One feature that residents of both countries appreciate about PadMapper is that it searches information in its databases for both countries. Because of how close the two nations are to one another, many citizens of both nations have to look for a place to live because they have to travel back and forth for work.

PadMapper Relaunches Web Platform With Improved Design | PadBlogger

PadMapper keeps up with the latest technology.

There is a lot of demand for all online service providers to provide the most recent smartphone-compatible technology. PadMapper has implemented the use of a brand-new smartphone app called Post a Pad in response to these requirements. The app lets people post rooms or apartments for rent on PadMapper from their mobile devices. All Android and iOS devices are supported by the app.

This search engine’s visuals are extremely detailed and helpful to people looking for apartments. As the user moves around the map of the area, PadMapper opens a full-screen map with indications of where apartments in its database are available. The region that was initially specified in the search criteria is shown on the map. The listings are loaded as the user moves around the map. The map will load even more listings within that specific area if you zoom in to more specific areas. The search area gets bigger when you zoom out. This time-saving tool provides listings from specific locations in real time, saving a significant amount of time when searching through ads that contain listings from a variety of locations. PadMapper focuses on the specific areas you want to learn about, and it does so in a way that is as quick and simple as possible.

By collaborating with a similar service called Zumper

PadMapper increased the scope of their offerings to include even more listing results. You can sign up for an alert on Zumper to be notified whenever new apartments that meet your search criteria become available. It gives people who have apartments for rent a simple and convenient tool that they can use to list them and reach thousands of people who are looking for a place to live. Renters can also benefit from selecting the ideal residence based on a set of specified criteria. When looking for an apartment to rent, it saves a lot of time and effort because it gives you all the information you need to narrow your search. Instead of wasting time looking at places that don’t quite fit your budget, the area you want to live in, or the amount of space you need, it gives you all the information you need.

 PadMapper is safe to use

There are a number of apps that offer targeted search engines but are so stuffed with ads that they can overwhelm your operating system and make it hard to use them. PadMapper is one of those apps. PadMapper has kept its security system up to date by constantly improving the app’s security to make it safe and inaccessible to outside sources, such as viral marketing advertisements. In order to guarantee that the website only contains legitimate and high-quality listings, they employ a novel algorithm that removes spammy listings from the database. When you use the search engine, you are very well protected. They also look for housing scams and take down these kinds of posts as soon as they are found.

Craigslist sued PadMapper

Craigslist also offers a place to advertise apartments for rent. PadMapper was initially created to search through Craigslist’s apartment ads for legitimate and high-quality listings to include in their extensive database. Craigslist filed a cease-and-desist lawsuit against PadMapper in response to what they perceived as an invasion of their privacy. They don’t want any other listing companies to see the ads they put up on their site. PadMapper stopped including Craigslist ads because of the controversy that erupted in 2012.

PadMapper settled with Craigslist for $1 Million

Craigslist won the lawsuit it filed against PadMapper. As a result, PadMapper agreed to stop using Craigslist ads for rental apartments in their database and paid them a settlement of one million dollars. PadMapper did, nevertheless, win a small battle by convincing Craigslist to accept the terms, which stipulated a million-dollar limit. It was going to be given to EFF. In the lawsuit, PadMapper was not the only defendant named. Similar to PadMapper, 3 Tap was given the same name and forced to comply.

PadMapper doesn’t need Craigslist to be successful

As of 2016, it had more than 700,000 listings in its database even though it didn’t use Craigslist data. Over a hundred additional websites were still accessible to the search engine. It is important to note that the ruling by the court did not alter any of the rules for posting rental listings. These kinds of listings do not have any special rules or copyrights over the information they contain. PadMapper broke Craigslist’s rules, but they didn’t break any other rules or laws that were in place. In addition to the tool they provide for owners to directly list their rentals in their database, this is additional. The PadMapper search engine is one of the most useful available because of the numerous options they provide.

PadMapper was acquired by Zumper

Zumper purchased PadMapper and now serves as the search engine’s parent company. Zumper actually purchased PadMapper. This change occurred following the company’s legal dispute with Craigslist.

Although it was a rumor that PadMapper was acquired for less than $10 million, the executives won’t say how much was paid.

Zumper improved PadMapper

Before Zumper bought PadMapper, the company was doing well, but after the deal was done, a lot of things changed. Both PadMappers’ iOS and Android apps were upgraded, and the map with the PadMapper logo was also updated. The desktop version also received improvements. This was a wonderful way to begin the new relationship that developed as a result of the merger between the two businesses.

After the acquisition, PadMapper remained as a business.

Zumper decided to let PadMapper operate independently but as a subsidiary of the parent company. While PadMapper kept its own structure, plans were made to combine the two products with a common backend. This meant that the same employees were allowed to keep their jobs and that most things continued as usual.

 The majority of PadMapper is likely still owned by the company’s founder.

Neither Zumper nor PadMapper is disclosing a great deal of information about the acquisition or how it will affect either company. We do know that PadMapper has never received funding from outside sources. It began as a student project under the direction of its founder, Eric DeMenthon, and developed quite naturally. Despite the fact that a deal for an acquisition was reached with Zumper, it is believed that DeMenthon still owns the majority of PadMapper’s stock and interests. DeMenthon and Rob Crowell, his chief technology officer, joined Zumper.

PadMapper was created by the founder to address his own issue.

In New York City, Eric Dementhon and a few of his friends were looking for a place to rent. In the process, they were hoping to avoid paying a broker fee. They didn’t want to get caught up in the games brokers often play when they give inaccurate descriptions of the properties they manage as rentals. It is a waste of time to visit a potential rental and find that it is not even close to what was advertised.

They became tired of clicking on an online advertisement for a listing only to find out that they were given false information. The friends started talking about the ideal website for quickly and easily finding apartments and learning more about them. They wanted the website to have a way to let them know when a new listing that matches their search criteria was added to the database. PadMapper was derived from this source of inspiration.

Dementhon was a programmer who developed the site

The PadMapper engine was developed through a lot of trial and error and effort. When Eric wasn’t working, he spent his weekends and nights experimenting with Google Maps and web crawling. It took a few months, but he quit his job and started using a code he had been playing with without a detailed strategy. He made a few programs that were similar to it, but PadMapper became popular with people looking for apartments.

Google worked with DeMenthon to reduce the costs of operation

When Google started charging for Maps, DeMenthon thought his plans for PadMapper were over. The expense would be prohibitive if PadMapper performed 10 million loads per month. He got in touch with the Google employees, who drastically reduced the public pricing. Because of this, he was able to move forward with the well-known website that was gaining popularity among the general public.


PadMapper was released by Lifehacker for DeMenthon.

Eric shared that he was pleasantly surprised when Lifehacker took on the task of launching PadMapper for him because Google worked with DeMenthon to reduce operating costs. While he was coding and checking the activity on his server, he noticed it. When he turned on the analytics, he noticed that Lifehacker had initiated the launch of the website, which had attracted thousands of visitors. He also noticed that the site was seeing significant activity. He couldn’t have been more pleased with the influx of users, as there were tens of thousands of hits. The site had only 200 users on any given day before it went viral in a single day, and since then, usage has never fallen below 1,500 hits per day.

 Outsiders have given PadMapper a lot of support.

It’s amazing how much support DeMenthon got when he tried to start PadMapper and keep it going. Google aided the site by lowering their prices on Maps when it was still in its infancy. Lifehacker was there to help with the launch, which caused the site to get a lot of traffic. The people in charge of these businesses probably supported a website. That would cut through the nonsense that renters have to go through. It wastes a lot of time and causes unnecessary disappointment, and most of us have been through it.

When you file a complaint with PadMapper or make a suggestion for the site’s improvement,

You might not receive an immediate response because. PadMapper groups complaints together and addresses them. Eric is in charge of dealing with complaints and requests from users. He reads the messages he gets, but he doesn’t always respond right away. He is pleased with the feedback, but before he responds or initiates a fix. And He repeatedly hears a complaint or suggestion. It’s simply how he conducts business.

Most of PadMappers features are automated

Eric doesn’t like to spend a lot of time on maintenance. So he uses automated systems for the majority of PadMappers features. As a result, rather than spending hours maintaining the system. He can devote more time to developing new innovations. He turns off all external stimuli when he is developing.

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